Peer-review process

All articles entering the editorial office of the journal "Administrative Law and Process" are closed (double-blind) reviews and are checked for plagiarism. 

After the evaluation of the scientific article, the reviewer gives a conclusion:

  • an article is recommended for publication;
  • an article is recommended for publication after its completion by the author, taking into account the comments made;
  • the article is not recommended for publication.

he executed review is sent to the editor by e-mail in the form of a scan copy

The editorial office sends copies of reviews to the authors (unnamed, so as not to disclose the data of the reviewer) or the reasoned refusal of the editorial office to publish this particular manuscript.

Scientific articles may be sent for further consideration:

  • insufficient expert qualification, indicated in the issues considered in the scientific article;
  • insufficiently high level of primary expert judgment;
  • acute controversy of the provisions expressed in the scientific article.