• Dmytro Melnyk Interdepartmental Research Center National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
Keywords: critical information infrastructure, defence, objects, necessities, problems, solutions.


Advantages of the modern digital world and development of information technologies stipulated appearance of new threats to national security in an information sphere. All more frequent by the objects of cyberattacs, amount and power of which grows constantly, the information resources of financial institutions, enterprises of transport and power engineering, public organs, which guarantee security, defense, safety in case of disasters. Therefore a research purpose is a search of solutions of issues of the day for protection of national critical information infrastructure. Methods. For implementation of research different materials were used and applied aggregate of scientific and specially-legal scientific methods: dialectical method, system’s method and the analysis of content, method of induction and deduction, formal law method and others. These methods were select taking into account a select purpose and tasks of research. Results. The actual state of the legal adjusting of protection of critical information infrastructure of Ukraine is reflected In the article. The reference list of objects of domestic critical informative infrastructure, which require defence, is offered, for the use in scientific researches and practice. Actual threats are marked to safety of critical informative infrastructure, certain in the documents of strategic level and additionally specified on results the analysis of the materials of practice of counteraction to such threats. Such threats acquire fundamentally a new value in the conditions of conduct of Russian Federation of hybrid war against Ukraine and have tendencies to strengthening of them negative influence on the state of national security in it’s different spheres. Safety and security of objects of critical informative infrastructure from such threats are certain in Ukraine at conceptual level one of base elements of the national system of firmness. Modern problem aspects and necessities of defence of objects of critical informative infrastructure are outlined, offered paths of their decision taking into account Ukrainian and world experience, in thereby legislative, organizational, technical, regime, reconnaissance, counterespionage and investigation. Conclusions. For Ukraine characteristic are lacks of the legal adjusting of functioning and defence of national critical informative infrastructure, imperfection of public policy in the sphere of her defence in the conditions of high risk of feasance of diversions and terrorist and cyberattacs on her objects. Therefore for organization of effective defence of ОCІІ of Ukraine it is necessary to complete the forming of legislative ground of this activity, form the national system of defence of such objects, enter only methodology of providing of them stable functioning. It is also expedient to provide introduction of international standards of activity, adjusting of state-private partnership and development of international cooperation.


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