• Ketevan Tskhadadze Open University Tbilisi
Keywords: Georgian administrative law, reception of the legal system, General Administrative Code of Georgia, Administrative Procedure Code of Georgia


Purpose. In 1999 the adoption of the General Administrative Code and Administrative Procedure Code in Georgia gave basis for creation of the new administrative law, since before the entry into force of the above-mentioned codes, Georgia had no tradition of the administrative law and, hence, no practice of the administrative justice. In Georgia being part of the Soviet Union, and in the Soviet Union overall, the administrative law did not exist with the understanding that is regulated by the modern administrative law. The communist doctrine of the administrative law radically differs from the modern administrative law because in those times the administrative legislation was mainly defining the citizens’ obligations before the

 administration, rather than ensuring citizens’ rights and protection of their interests.

Methods. Therefore, the article discusses development stages of the administrative law, the path gone through by the administrative law starting from the formulation until present time, also the Soviet heritage and its influence on the development of the administrative law is discussed, along with the influence of the European reception and establishment within the Georgian legislation, the core factors are analyzed, which caused the necessity of the creation of new administrative law.

Results. The significant part in the article is devoted to the discussion of the subject of administrative law and system of administrative law on the example of the Georgian administrative law. The core elements of the implementation of public administration are discussed, the notion of the administrative body, forms of activity of the administrative body and basic principles that are characteristic to the Georgian administrative law.

Conclusions. In this regard, the important place is given to particularities of the administrative proceeding and judicial process in Georgia, namely, so called “prejudicial” rule of appealing within the administrative body, suspensive effect of the administrative appeal, principles of disposition and inquisition in the administrative process, as well as the institute of the amicus curiae is discussed, as a particularity of the Georgian administrative justice.


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