Judicial review of administrative acts in Estonia and Latvia

  • Anastas Svitlychna Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: administrative act, review, appeal, Estonia, Latvia, administrative procedure, procedural act, European requirements, human rights, administrative comparative law


This article represents actual issues of judicial review of administrative acts in Estonia and Latvia. The article reveals several important issues concerning the established procedures of administrative acts review in Estonia and Latvia.

Here’re found special place the compliance of Estonian and Latvian legislation in the field of reviewing of administrative acts. The compliance with European requirement and the ability to meet all the recommendations of the Council of Europe are also examined. Moreover, the implementation of modern innovations and computerization of documentation are taken into account with underlining of possibility to bring the procedure to electronic way of reviewing.

Here’re also been explained the guaranteeing of every person rights to bring the application for review regardless of their physical capabilities if his or her rights have been violated or his or her freedoms have been restricted by an administrative act.


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