Baludyanskyy – scientist of the administrative law, teacher, legislator, statesman and public figure (to 245 years birthday and 180 years anniversary of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv)

  • Tetiana Kolomoiets Zaporizhzhia National University
Keywords: legal education, legal science, legislation, codification, expert activities


The article in a systematic form of analysis about work and life achievements of administrative scientist, teacher, legislator, state and public figure Mikhail A. Baludyanskyy, whose name is associated with the decision of opening of the Kyiv University. Professor Baludyanskyy made a significant contribution to the development of university legal education and training of the first doctors of law, most of whom headed the department, faculty start-up in the Ukrainian national universities, and even become rectors, or did a lot for the development of legal science. The name of M. A. Baludyanskyy is associated with the development of legal education, training programs for lawyers, establishing international academic relations. While occupying the position of dean, rector, Director of the St. Petersburg University he achieved significant results in the formation, organization of university education. Тhis work brought a lot of results, in particular in the sphere of teaching, he taught political economy, police law and encyclopedia of law, diplomacy and commerce.

A significant contribution was done in the legislative activity – preparation of expert reports, memos, reports, project documents. Although most of the results of his work were presented on behalf of the officials, but at the same time he was the real author of the works. Under his supervision the Complete Collection of Laws, Laws of the Russian Empire was prepared. Much effort M. A. Baludyanskyy contributed to the preparation of draft legal acts for the regulation of the relations in the public sphere. A significant contribution to science was done by the Professor in regard to the problems of public service, central and local government. Although little amount of his scientific works published during his life time remained till nowadays. The analysis of his work suggests that he formulated in the nineteenth century the idea of the distribution of state power, independence of justice, principles of administrative procedures, assigning ranks to employees, disciplinary proceedings and their optimization. Some ideas were accepted for further domestic legal scholars as a basis for research specialized nature. The proposed doctrinal position on reforming the foundations of the executive is highly relevant for the present; it can be defined as the basis of modern administrative reforms. Even nowadays the educational, scientific and legal achievements of M. A. Baludyanskyy stay actual and modern.


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