Conflicts of the Law of Ukraine «On the power lustration»

  • Oksana Kuzmenko National Academy of Internal Affairs
Keywords: lustration, power cleansing, human rights commission, registry


On October 9, 2014 the President of Ukraine signed the Law «On the power lustration», which defines the legal and organizational framework for the inspection of public servants and equivalent officials of local self-government bodies in order to restore confidence to the government and create the conditions for the construction of a new system of government in accordance with the European standards. However, given the normative act has significant drawbacks associated with the violation of human rights, and procedural characteristics of this procedure. The paper analyzes in details these problems and the suggested solutions.


Yavorivskyi V. Chem plokha tekushchaia versyia zakona o liustratsyy [Эlektronnыi resurs]. – Rezhym dostupa :

Torba V. Ochyshchennia chy usunennia konkurentiv? [Elektronnyi resurs]. Rezhym dostupu :
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