Legal Regulation of transactions with electronic money in Ukraine

  • Mariia Pozhydaieva Educational and Scientific Institute of Law and Psychology of the National Academy of Internal Affairs
Keywords: electronic money, issuers of electronic money, agents, users of electronic money, the system of electronic money


The article reveals the subject-matter of transactions with electronic money from the point of the Ukrainian legislation. We cover the procedure of issuing of electronic money by banks. It analyses problematic aspects of the use of electronic money by subjects and suggests ways of improvement of the current Ukrainian legislation.

It is noted, that access to electronic money, which are kept in the information image, is carried out by means of an electronic device (a prepaid card, computer memory, an electronic wallet, a remote distant server). The lawfulness of limitations of the National Bank of Ukraine for amounts of electronic money in its use is defined in this article. Subjects of using the system of electronic money are described. The author considers that payers and recipients are users of electronic money. Attention is drawn to the expedience of using the term «the system of electronic money» in the current legislation. The point of view concerning the possibility of including electronic money into objects of civil rights.

Legal Regulation of requirements for carrying out payments with electronic money between natural persons, legal entities, and also public bodies must be precise. This is an obvious need for Ukraine.


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