Foreign experience of functioning of organs of bank supervision

  • Andrii Shevchenko Prosecutor's Office of Zaporizhzhia
Keywords: bank supervision, credit resources, banking system, commercial banks, central bank, financial services, control


The article is dedicated to the features of observant activity in the developed countries and countries that develop. The author distinguishes in the article the countries in that observant activity is attributed exceptionally to the competence of the Central bank, and countries in that a supervision is realized by the Central bank jointly with other government bodies. Also the author analyses the methods of realization of bank supervision: on-site inspection; analysis of materials of external audit; both materials of external audit and materials of personal on-site audit are used; strict requirements are used to the financial reporting.

The bank supervision within the framework of the competence is carried out in the USA by a few agencies – Office of currency control; Federal corporation of insurance of deposits, Federal reserve bank and Governments of the states. To plenary powers of agencies belong: liquidation of commercial banks that is closed; development of instructions, rules, pointing and regulations; acceptance of preventive measures; advising of guidance of commercial banks; periodic complex verifications of the state, operations and politics of jurisdiction commercial banks; generalization of reports and statistical information of commercial banks. Agencies work in composition working groups, and the Federal agencies coordinate them to the robot and develop standards for general verifications. The plenary powers of organs of bank supervision in Italy have been provided by the Bank of Italy, Interministerial committee on credits and economies and National commission on control after financial companies and exchange stock. An Interministerial committee on credits and economies is responsible mainly for a general supervision in the field of credit politics and defense of economies, holding. The central bank of Italy prepares the projects of decisions and suggestion on questions a supervision on resolutions of Committee, sets his rules and directly carries out a supervision both in document and in controlled from distance forms. National commission on control after financial and controls activity controls financial credit establishments an exchange stock at the market of equities.

The bank supervision in New Zealand took off most limitations for commercial banks except for the level of adequacy of capital and limits from crediting of insiders. Instead of this the supervisory authorities legislatively entered the increased requirements to the public accounting of commercial banks. Commercial banks must quarterly publish the detailed information about the financial state, including information about quality of assets, about providing of credits, about the concentration of credit risks, market risks, adequacy of capital, rule of bank. The published information must be signed by the rule of bank in an order to confirm her authenticity. The organs of supervision conduct the annual meeting with guidance of commercial banks, and also set a legislative requirement about verification of commercial bank an external audit twice in a year.


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