Sources of legal regulation of insurance and reinsurance mediation activity

  • Anastasiia Holovachova Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: the sources of law, insurance and reinsurance mediation activity, legislation, business practices, legal practice, judicial precedent


the operation of any economic activity as an orderly, organized system there is a set of social controls – the sources of law. Both a general theory of law and the branches of law lack unanimity in understanding of the concept of «source of law». The reason for this is the presence of various concepts of thinking and ambiguity of the defi nition of «source of law». The theory of economic law includes both a broad approach to understanding the sources of law and a narrow approach. By taking the broad approach, the author considers the following structure of sources as the best. It consists of three groups: 1) formal legal (institutional) sources, which coincide with the law as a way to shape the internal organization and external expression of conduct contained in the law; 2) other social sources, which exist as certain facts of social reality; 3) legal practice, which holds a special place in the sources of economic law, and is the result of legal regulation having an impact on enforcement of law. It is advisable to extrapolate the said classifi cation to the sources of legal regulation of insurance and reinsurance mediation as a type of economic activity.

According to the author, the institutional sources include legislation on insurance mediation: the Constitution of Ukraine, the Commercial and Civil Codes, the Law of Ukraine «On insurance» and other laws, international treaties ratifi ed by Ukraine, and some subordinate regulations. The second group of the sources the author studies the business practices, which play a rather important role in the regulation of the insurance market and its participants. The participants of the insurance and reinsurance activities are expected to observe and use national and international business practices, especially if these relations are complicated by a foreign element.

The last group of the sources includes the author’s answers to the question: is it possible to include legal practice to the sources of legal regulation of insurance and reinsurance mediation? Today, legal practice in Ukraine is not de jure determined by a source. The function of the courts may indeed be in some ways similar to the legislature, but only when they eliminate gaps in the legal regulation of specifi c legal relationships by using the analogy of law or law and business practices.

Thus, to summarize the above, we can conclude that today the main source of legal regulation of insurance and reinsurance activities still remains the relevant current legislation of Ukraine. But for the full and progressive development of the insurance market as a whole one should take into account other social sources, which exist as certain facts of social reality (business practices) and legal practice.


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