Advertising as an information in the context of civil doctrine

  • Bohdan Voievodin Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: advertising, information, object of rights, civil law, public law


Due to information nature of advertising, current trends of modernizing the legal regulation of relations arising in the field of advertising, considering domestic civil research in the field of information. Information this is details in any way and any form, in any media (including correspondence, books, notes, illustrations (maps, diagrams, drawings, diagrams etc.), photographs, holograms, motion pictures, videos, microfilm, sound recordings, database, computer systems or full or partial reproduction of their elements, explanations of persons and any other publicly announced or documented information.

Analyzing signs of the information as object of civil law, it is worth to note, that some of them are typical for advertising. These signs are primarily multiplying, unique, organizational form and mass.

Any advertising is information, but not any information can be considered advertising for the set of attributes. So concept of information is broader than advertising. Relationships arising on orders, production (creation) and distribution of advertising will be part of a large body of information civil relations. One can talk about information essence of advertising is as an object of civil rights.

It is necessary to distinguish between promotional information and other information that may have some signs advertising. That is, the information provided to the consumer necessarily in accordance with the law; data about the product, the manufacturer, importer, etc; signs, signs and information signs; political advertising and campaigning; reference information, economic reports and analysis; Information from the bodies of state power and local self-government that does not contain signs advertising; Ad individuals and entities not related to doing business; design elements product and its packaging. Consequently, information nature of advertising is the main qualifying feature, according to which advertising is recognized as an object of civil relations.


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